United Kingdom·January 9 2022

Micro-dosing Masterclass

Featuring Sena Maria



Free your mind and booty! I’m delighted to present incredible woman and microdosing advocate, Sena Maria. Whether or not you’re into magic mushrooms, this class is going to be insightful. We cannot ignore the rise in people using psilocybin for medicinal purposes. And we particularly want to listen to women exploring new ways to reclaim their power in this world. Sena left her job at Google to follow the wisdom of plants and fungi. After experiencing transformational healing, she has become a Micro-dosing Coach & Advocate to share these practices with others. What this masterclass will cover: - Microdosing 101 - how to start a microdosing practice (dosage, protocols, breaks,ingredients) - How can microdosing support us in these transitional times -- mycelial awareness - Microdosing for perspective change - Risks and benefits Event Journey: Opening Meditation with Samantha Moyo Talk on Microdosing by Sena Maria Q&A from guests Closing Dance Join this masterclass for new thinking and expansion. See you on the zoom! Sam x


Meet the queens

Sena Maria

Sena Maria

Sena Maria is passionate about working with the fungi realm to support our collective evolution. Coming from Google, she took a big life pivot and has spent the last 5 years learning from the plants & fungi. After supporting hundreds of people in getting started with microdosing, she now empowers people in their own microdosing healing journeys in group programs and 1:1 coaching. She educates on Instagram @sena__maria and on her YouTube channel. You can learn more about microdosing in her popular webinar Microdosing For Resilience at www.microdosingforresilience.com

Samantha Moyo

Samantha Moyo

Samantha Moyo offers neutral spaces for new thinking and expansion through online and offline experiences. Sam's story is available here.

For events visit: www.moyo-x.com

For 1 2 1 or group coaching visit: www.samanthamoyo.co.uk 



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Micro-dosing Masterclass

United Kingdom· January 9 2022· 2 hours