United Kingdom·February 14 2022

How to make love to trees

spend Valentine's Day with nature



Free your mind and booty! This Valentine's Day, you’re invited to expand your relationship with nature. To explore the wisdom and love of the "tree people". Through this primal practice, we learn how to communicate with plants and observe our relationship with the natural world. The best bit is the gold we find about ourselves. Samantha Moyo has been practicing Erotic Ecology over a period of 12months. Asking the question, “how can we facilitate reconnection through this gentle practice?” There is no nudity nor gyrating involved! And the session begins with a consent ritual to the tree people. Discover… 1. The power of listening to trees 2. How to cultivate intuition in nature 3. How much we project onto lovers 4. The dance between performative intimacy and real intimacy 5. A new relationship with the earth As always, you can expect playfulness; comedy and laughter. This is part of a mission to do city life different! To open and stretch our hearts, beyond the zoom screen. With love x


Tree Lovers Ticket


Parliament Hill on Hampstead Heath

Meet here at 7pm and we will walk to the forest

“If curiosity killed the cat, it was satisfaction that brought it back.”
― Holly Black, Tithe

Parliament Hill on Hampstead Heath


Rain is not a reason to cancel on a tree. Primal living calls us to get our waterproofs on, umbrellas in tow and brave those kisses from the sky.

The show will go on! The point of this is to develop a new relationship with nature. Part of this is becoming more confident with all weathers. Trust, you'll feel really great after!

No, intimacy with trees is more of a tantric exploration. There can be touch with self and trees but no need to be nude.

We invite you to bring the fear and tentativeness. This is all of what we are exploring. Your sense of safety and consent are important to us.

No. But if you feel like you're keeping a secret, maybe mention it. Or bring them along!

Great! We agree! No photos or videos will be captured. Guests are asked to put phones away on arrival. Just us with the natural world.

No. This is for you! Enjoy this experience for yourself first.

How to make love to trees

United Kingdom· February 14 2022· 2 hours