United Kingdom·November 24 2021

Wellness Innovation Lab: Sensing 2022

Exploring future trends in Wellbeing



We’re running an online innovation lab for the wellness industry - to inspire fresh thinking and expansion for facilitators and producers within the personal development space. Our panel gathers leading specialists in wellness, immersive experience, diversity and media. Samantha Moyo - Host Sophie Scott - Founder, Balance Magazine Francesca Oddie - Astrologer Dr. Jennifer Mulan - Founder, Decolonising Therapy Tamu Thomas - Founder, Live Three Sixty The wellness industry plays a big part in global health and culture. It's become a proven preventative supporting the NHS here in the UK. In the last 5 years, the number of people meditating has increased by 10%. Alongside this, we have seen the wellness market value increase rapidly. What products, experiences and offerings is the world calling for? What is exciting us about the industry? What positive changes have we seen in the last year? What can we improve on? What is the role of tech, art and media within wellbeing? Get your tickets! It's gonna be illuminating! Lots of love, Sam and the gang x x


Meet the panelists

Tamu Thomas

Tamu Thomas

Tamu helps over-functioning, over working, high achieving women fall in love with themselves so they can make powerful choices about how they live, love and work. Her aim is to help women enhance how they live by recovering from their addiction to toxic productivity.

Sophie Scott

Sophie Scott

Having founded BALANCE, the award-winning UK wellness media brand, Sophie is regarded as a leading voice in mental and physical wellbeing. She regularly advises startups and corporates about innovations in the health & wellbeing industry, as well as how to achieve killer cut-through via great branding and marketing.

Dr. Jennifer Mullan

Dr. Jennifer Mullan

Affectionately nicknamed “the Rage Doctor” by peers and clients, Dr. Jennifer Mullan (she/her) is trained as a Clinical Psychologist, and is a published author. She currently serves communities as a Consultant for behavioral and mental health organizations and schools, Ancestral wound worker, and CEO and founder of Decolonizing Therapy, LLC.

Francesca Oddie

Francesca Oddie

Francesca is one of the UK's leading astrologists! She's known for weaving the importance of astrology into culture, business and politics in a unique and powerful way. She's a speaker and consultant booked for leading Wellness events, conferences and festivals.

Samantha Moyo

Samantha Moyo

Sam is passionate about bringing new thinking into different industries. As the founder of Morning Gloryville and Moyo-x, she's her life is devoted to asking the question "how do we raise consciousness in a playful and accessible ways".



Golden Ticket



It's for anyone who's interesting in exploring trends for the wellbeing industry in 2022.

No. You might be someone interesting in forecasts - the wellness industry collaborates with others including music, tech etc.

Yes. There will be a Q&A slot for you to go deeper. And you will be invited to ask questions in the zoom chat.

We love people who ask this question. The money will go to the host, with some fees towards speakers. It covers time and expertise.

No. We are industry experts, coming together to explore and use pattern-reading to predict future trends. What we share will be based on research, personal visions and understanding of our individual areas.

Wellness Innovation Lab: Sensing 2022

United Kingdom· November 24 2021· 2 hours