United Kingdom·November 19 2021

Howl ~ Full Moon Activation

for nature lovers



Howl is an immersive nature workout... for city-peeps who wanna get primal!! Join us in the inaugural howl - Full Moon, Friday 19th November! Sometimes yoga and meditation won’t touch the sides. Fresh sequences & primal art will inspire and revive the spirit! Whatever the weather, we will meet and howl. We will howl for our dreams, howl for freedom, howl for peace. Howling feels good. It’s liberating and opens up the voice and heart. For wolves, howling is the glue that keeps the pack together. It strengthens social bonds. The Howl Session journey: Barefoot Earthing Tree Hugging Dance Jogging Shaking Howling Nothing unifies a pack like howling together! Every body welcome. Awooooooo xxxx


Howlers Ticket


Parliament Hill on Hampstead Heath

Meet here at 7pm sharp

“If curiosity killed the cat, it was satisfaction that brought it back.”
― Holly Black, Tithe

Parliament Hill on Hampstead Heath


Rain is not a reason to cancel on a tree. Primal living calls us to get our waterproofs on, umbrellas in tow and brave those kisses from the sky.

Even better! The show will go on! The point of this is to develop a new relationship in nature. Part of this is becoming more confident with all weathers. Trust, you'll feel really great after!

Dress warm, comfy shoes, a plastic bag, a torch and if it's raining, get some waterproofs on. 

If you want to cold water swim after, bring swimming costume, towel and tea in flask.

That's perfectly normal. You're in safe hands. Trust, you'll feel AMAZING after.

Nature is our studio! We're on a mission to reconnect people with the natural world. It's starts by getting comfortable in the wild - taking our wellbeing practices into nature... whatever the weather.

Yes sure! As usual, kids go free.

Make sure you kit them out well! They'll likely love skipping bedtime for a night in the woods.

Howl ~ Full Moon Activation

United Kingdom· November 19 2021· 2 hours