Sam's Lab has a simple process - we tune into societal challenges and create concepts that bring people more joy, wonder and belonging. Everything we do is inclusive. Here are some of our original concepts:



We're on a mission to get folks howling, shaking and dancing.

Howl is Immersive nature experiences for city folk who want to get primal. 

The Howl sequence is an out of the box method designed to get people out their minds. 

It combines ancient rituals with primal animalistic movements that inspire free and creative expression. 

The problems we are solving:

1. A study showed that Brits only spend 5% of our time outdoors. We're getting ppl out more!

3. Adults need to stop taking ourselves so seriously. Play more, howl more.

We've hosted group Howls at Wilderness Festival; Hampstead Heath and Trafalgar Square. 



The UK's first beach festival after lockdown. 

Secret Beach Party is an immersive wellness party designed to give people a sense of magic post-pandemic. 

With many travel plans cancelled, we found a idyllic beach in Devon - and turned it into an Oasis of mischief.

250 people attended this secret party - driving from all over the country.

The event tackled many themes whilst bringing 100% joy, smiles and lols to the crowd.


Meditation Album w/ SA Recordings

Forget what you thought you knew about meditation music; there’s no whale song or poetic lullabies here. Moyo Motivations is a brand new 7-track album that presents an immersive, invigorating approach to meditation that you won’t find anywhere else.

Providing direct access to Mystic Moyo’s new-age healing from the comfort of home, each track features Mystic Moyo’s soul-examining spoken word meditations set against a bespoke and moving musical underscore composed by Alev Lenz. The result is an immersive series of transformational meditation aids, each designed to invigorate, rejuvenate and regenerate the mind, body and spirit.

Commissioned by SA Recordings.


Turn up for the people

As seen on Channel 4 News! 

Turn Up for the People was a virtual wellness party we designed to support POC creatives during pandemic times. 

What we were solving:

- rise in mental health challenges during lockdown 

- need for artists to find new sources of income

- need to highlight the challenges faced by people of different cultural and economic backgrounds

The event inspired other producers and creatives to start their own online parties and projects.

Channel 4 has a reach of 51 million people.



Featured in Vogue and Balance Magazine. 

Clitmas was a festive experience designed to to centre and celebrate all things pussy. A fully diverse night of people from all cultures and walks of life in one space. 

We created a decadent night of performances, music and poetry. The decor included ceramic dildos; boobles (e.g. baubles); paintings of beautiful women and plant pots of sexy asses.

This event was hosted on 12th December - election night. It became refuge for people who wanted to be in a soft space when the results came in.

Our line-up included leading female and lgbtqia artists. Including a surprise performance from Shingai, lead singer of the Noisettes.


DMT + Jazz

This was a pioneering think tank exploring collective liberation.

Attracting people from all cultural backgrounds, we were able to share how different people experienced life and link it to the history of all people.

The think tank infused wellbeing rituals and music in order to create a safe space for attendees. 

Every body was welcome and every body benefited.

The think tank had two arms - one for community and one for companies. We're proud to have taken teams from organisations such as Publicis Sapient; St. Ethelberga's Centre and Zego through this listening circle process.


Inner Truth

Featured in Evening Standard and BBC radio.

We co-created the launch of the UK's first audio wellness platform! Leading the creative, curation and marketing.

The wellness industry is primarily female-led, we designed an offering that was inclusive to men and particularly those who are in the corporate world.

Sam's Lab ensured diversity of curation, bringing onboard influencers and artists within the wellness and music space.



A month long learning trip to Namibia to meet the Himba tribe and San people.

The mission was to reconnect with ancient wisdom of Africa first hand and answer the questions around "disconnection" in modern society. 

Spending time with the San and Himba people gave us insights into the work we shared with press and innovation labs around the important of deceleration and ancient rituals.

Sam's Labs is very much influenced by this connection as our approach to creating primal and intuitive work was affirmed by our new friends in Namibia.



In collaboration with Change In Nature, we designed a 4-day nature immersion for people to turn dormant dreams into reality. 

This retreat combined 8 wisdom-packed workshops led by Sam, with a number of complementary experiential practices led by the Change in Nature team. Together we explored the “8 Cs” that are fundamental to bringing a passion project to life: concept, community, courage, collaboration, conflict, capital, consciousness, and commitment.

Set on a wild, remote and off-grid spot in the heart of Dartmoor, there was no death by PowerPoint! For moments of group enquiry we gathered under ancient beech trees and around the crackling camp fire. But most time was spent delving into questions alone and applying bushcraft skills.


As featured in CNN, BBC, ABC, NBC's Today Show, Channel 4, La Monde, Vogue ++. 

Morning Gloryville is an early morning dance party we designed to bring "conscious clubbing" to the world stage. 

Born in London on Wednesday 29th May 2013, it quickly became a 200k strong community - empowering people to “rave your way into the day!”. Under our leadership, the event attracted 800 people per event; and made it in every major news network worldwide - over a period of 4 years.

The experience was spread to 23 cities around the world by Sam and formed what is now a thriving global industry of sober raves; ecstatic dances and conscious clubs.


Featured in The Metro.

Pirate Radio is a concept we designed to pay homage to the old days of pirate radio. 

We worked closely with the founders of Radio Caroline and visited the remaining pirate radio ship, Ross Revenge.

Pirate Radio Party was an underground immersive experience that mimicked the old pirate radio ships. Three floors of 60's / 70s artwork, vinyls and DJ's intermittently playing ads from 60s inbetween tracks.

On another deck, we had live bands who weren't allowed to sound check. We believed in doing things in exactly the same ways rock n roll begun - plug and play. The event attracted some of London's most loved bands including My Bad Sister; The Turbans; James Riley and Gypsy Hill.