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Breathe beauty. 

Elevate souls. 

Tickle imaginations. 

We design immersive wellness experiences that facilitate connection and expression. 

Adults take ourselves way too seriously, we're here to free minds and booties.

Each concept spotlights sub-cultures, challenges social norms and inspires new thinking. 

Experiencing is believing

Venues and Festivals

Our memorable experiences energise and excite whilst helping venues and festivals connect with new audiences. Here are some of the spaces we've worked with.

Commissions won

We are commissioned by aligned brands to design concepts and immersive experiences. Here are some of the partners we've had.


We have unparalleled insight of the experience and wellness industries. Here is a snapshot of our services. Please email for further information.

We design incredible concepts that bridge wellness, music and the arts. Everything we do is centred around community, mischief, and surprise! Our community comments on the care and quality that emits from each experience.

To discuss, email: hello@samanthamoyo.co.uk

For 7 years, we have been providing wellness industry insights to aligned brands and innovation labs. 

We are proud to regularly work with WhatIf Innovation; LSN Global and Accenture. 

To discuss, email: hello@samanthamoyo.co.uk

We are simply the best at innovation and expanding community within the wellness space. We offer a 5 or 10 day consulting service that support wellness brands and / or influencers who are looking to grow.

We are able to provide strategy for social growth; revenue growth and product innovation.

To discuss, email: hello@samanthamoyo.co.uk 

We provide unique wellbeing and music curation that stands out. Sam brings a diverse, vibrant and free-thinking community who delight in joyful gatherings. 

We are particularly known for spotlighting underground talent alongside some of the world's leading artists. 

"Anything Sam touches turns to gold" - Yazzie Min

"Sam, thank you for putting on one of the best parties in the world" - Carl Cox

To discuss, email: hello@samanthamoyo.co.uk 

We offer creative, wellbeing, and nature-based workshops. Our offerings and thought-leadership topics are available on request. 

To discuss email, hello@samanthamoyo.co.uk 

Roadtrip Playlist

Tunes for road trips, house cleaning or dancing in the kitchen.