For the dreamers

Sometimes words escape me but I always find ways to communicate through photography. Visions of archetypes and allegories come to me and together with incredible photographers, we play. May you be inspired to be you, be kind and shine!

Images will be available for purchase on NFTs. Auctions begin 1st December.


Tranny on the Rocks

this earth belongs to everyone. in nature, we are free to ourselves. wear what we want to wear. be who we be.


Grace Jones Rock-climbing Society

In this piece Sam offers a perception change on outodoor sports. Wearing a playful dress, she/he takes to the natural world. Nature belongs to everyone. Whatever gender, whatever frock, whatever culture.


The New Madonna

Dance your own dance.... An ode to all the souls who were too much, too hairy, too wild to be accepted in ballet school. And to all those chucked out of school for being "too spirited".


Golden Mic - Soul Speak

A song for the soul. A call to truth. Every voice deserves to be heard. May looking at this art invite your soul.... to speak. Whatever it feels true.


An invitation. To develop your super power in nature. With our feet on the earth, we hear the voices of our future.


Love from Trees

where there is earth, there is love. let yourself surrender to the trees.


Settled Spirit

sometimes we just relax into ourselves. this was one of those moments.


2012: First Day in London

This photo was taken when I first arrived in London about 10 years ago. Things have changed a lot since then.